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Main - Retail

Operations Supervisor

Sector: Retail Jobs
Company:Albatross Wholesale
Location:Port Elizabeth
Pay:Annual pay: R84,000.00 - R110,000.00
Listed:31 Oct, 2016
Applications Close:THIS ITEM EXPIRED ON 31 Dec, 2016

Online wholesaler seeking an Operations Supervisor.

Applicant must be well versed in English and have the following skills;
- A basic understanding of spreadsheets (Libre, Open Office & Excel).
- A valid Code 08 Drivers License.
- A basic understanding of Logistics
- A basic understanding of Stock Control
- A basic understanding of the Internet
- A basic understanding of the role of Social Media in Retail
- A basic understanding of E-Commerce

The Operations Supervisor will have the following duties;

1) Complete day to day administrative tasks;
- Stock purchase related administrative tasks.
- Sales related administrative tasks.
- Logistics related administrative tasks.
- Website & E-commerce related administrative tasks.
- In-house bookkeeping tasks.
- Be required to complete daily secretarial tasks as deemed necessary by management.

2) Participate in and oversee stock take and stock control;
- Synchronize stock quantities between suppliers and stock control servers.
- Manage Stock Returns.
- Synchronize products between stock control servers and online advert sites.
- Synchronize products between stock control servers and online marketing sites.
- Synchronize products between stock control servers and Social Media Stores.

3) Sales Responsibilities;
- Generate Customer Invoices.
- Oversee Customer Account Creation.
- Assist with online adverts and promotional planning.
- Assist with after sales service.
- Assist with and oversee Brand building & marketing initiatives.
- Communicate any relevant information through web based sources as deemed necessary by management.

4) Purchase Responsibilities;
- Compile orders between online sales outlets.
- Prepare supplier purchase orders.
- Required to collect stock from local suppliers, when drivers are unavailable.
- Assist with sourcing new suppliers.
- Compile and prepare products for upload to all online sales outlets.
- Assist with stock data entry and barcode generation.

5) Logistics & Shipping Responsibilities;
- Assist with product packaging.
- Manage and book courier deliveries.
- Relay tracking and waybill information to customers.
- Take parcels to the Post Office for Postage.

6) Social Media Responsibilities;
- Plan and manage Social Media content.
- Plan Social Media promotions.
- Respond to communications through Social Media channels.

7) I.T Related Responsibilities;
- Maintain & manage localhost servers.
- Maintain & manage online servers.
- Maintain & manage Websites.
- Maintain & manage mass mailing servers.
- Maintain & manage in-house accounting & POS software.

Even though 80% of the responsibilities of the Operations Supervisor are I.T & web related, preference will be given to applicants with prior business experience and acumen. All relevant I.T skills will be taught in-house.

Salary while under probation is R4000.00 per month, during which the applicant will receive all the relevant in-house training.

After completion of the probation period, starting salary will increase to R7000.00 per month.

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sales1 (at)


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